Your knowledge is always at hand now!
Do you want to be confident about your difficult exam? How to view answers, notes, or formulas on your iPhone or Apple Watch quickly and easily? EZsheet makes exam preparation anywhere easy!

Make your preparations in advance
Add the subjects you want, and then write answers by topic – the application will arrange all the information.
You can not only write texts by hand, but also upload answers in pictures, diagrams, illustrations, and any other images.
You may skip writing at all and import entire documents into EZsheet in any text format (DOC, DOCX, PDF, etc.) instead.
Set up and sync
Added all the info to your smartphone application? Now don't forget to sync it with your smartwatch –with just one tap! You can also quickly adjust the font size and opacity to see the text well in any light.
You don't have to sit at home to prepare for your exams now – with EZsheet, you can study answers to your questions when visiting friends, in a cafe, in transport, or during a walk. Just download the application to your iPhone and AppleWatch and grind away at your studies wherever you want!
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